Can I Think About It?

Well, crap, it’s 2017. I don’t make real resolutions because I think the belief system that you can only get in shape on January 1 and thereafter is dumb. TBH, that’s probably why you’re not in shape. This is also why I don’t go to the gym in January. I like to wait until at least February; after the New-Year-Resolutioners have given up and it doesn’t smell like body splash and cigarettes anymore. Yeah, I saw you Nissan Sentra… puttin’ your blinker on to grab that spot SpinClass Steve was pulling out of so you didn’t have to walk an extra 75 feet to the gym. Brand new Asics that you (I assume) bought on your last trip to Costco as a Christmas present to motivate your ass into shape. You put out your cigarette and sprayed body splash all over yourself so other worker-outers wouldn’t know your big secret. Hate to break it to ya’ sister but Country Apple can’t cover Marlboro.  list

I did, however, make some goals for 2017. My first, and most important goal, Make More Thai Food, because who doesn’t need more Pad Thai in their life? I already threw together a recipe I found on Pinterest and, not to toot my own horn but, it was shut-the-front-door amazing. I think it goes without saying that 2017 has been super successful so far. See, if you don’t make over-zealous goals, life can be really simple. Make food, eat food, goal achieved, back to Netflix. Another goal was Give More Compliments. This one has been a little harder than I thought… I’m finding I’m a little judge-y. I’ll have to get back to you on how this one pans out.pad-thai

Give Honest Answers has been my favorite goal by far, not because I don’t give honest answers already. If you know me, you know I’m pretty honest but I wanted to work on just telling people I don’t want to do something without beating around the bush. Naturally, practice makes perfect so my first go at this was a little unpolished. One of my best friends asked me if I wanted to do Pilates with her and I replied honestly with, “Not really.” Thankfully she loves me (or pretends she does) so she suggested lunch instead. When I told her about my honesty goal she taught me the best phrase ever. Rather than declining right away, respond with, “Can I think about it?”, then you just never get back to them. Perfect right?! I’ve used it on multiple people so far and it totally works! Wanna go to a pottery class with me… “Can I think about it?” Hey, I’m taking my niece to the park, want to come?… “Can I think about it?” I’m thinking we should sign up for that beach boot-camp… “Can I think about it?”tamales

On a serious note, one of my goals was, Keep A Happiness Journal. This is one of the easiest and best ideas I’ve ever had. It’s only been six days and I already find myself searching for what moment, item, interaction, or person will be my happiness winner. Some of them are super small like “January 1: Tamales” but you’d be surprised what you choose as the winner at the end of the day. I’m not here to tell you what to do but if you need a little boost in life, this may be the ticket. I mean think about it, you start organizing the parts of your day that make you happy and you have to choose one! I cheat because coffee always makes me happy so some days I have two but to each their own. My husband noticed that he hadn’t made it into the journal yet and coffee had made it twice. Like a good wife, I saw this as an opportunity to encourage not discourage so I reminded him he still had 360 days to step up his game.

From 28 and Holding… I hope you all have a happy 2017!