The Best Is (Totally) Yet To Come

It’s been a while, I know. Lots of things have been happening, the biggest thing being that I turned 28 (again!). It was a little different this time, mostly because my wish list consisted of expensive wrinkle cream, a mini-Keurig, and a neck pillow. To answer your question, yes, I did get all three. TBD on how well the wrinkle cream works out. I’ve been this age for two weeks and I can already tell it’s going to be a good year. Mostly because my mini-Keurig is on point and it fits perfectly on the stool I bought for it; but also because people say the next 20 years are the best. I can get on board with that… I know they mean kids are supposed to come soon but I’m thinking that’ll be a hard nope for at least two years. Why? Oh, let’s see… our guest room looks great right now, our closets barely have room for our own clothes, we want patio furniture and I’m pushing for handles on the kitchen cabinets. Aside from said priorities, we’re not great at remembering we even have plants so kids aren’t really a good idea quite yet.


Speaking of kids, show of hands to how many people our age who are being asked at least once a week if they’re “trying?” Essentially you’re being asked how often you’re shacking up so, ew. Close friends, a-okay to ask this question. Person I just met in line at the café, not okay. Heaven forbid you respond with, “No, we’re going to Thailand first.” Queue the judgmental Zika convo! Even the doctor who shot me up with Tetanus, Polio, and Malaria vaccine was on board with the whole “you better wait until spring.” I’m honestly not sure if she was worried about our kid coming out all weird or the fact that I turned bright white and sweaty when she brought the syringes into the room. Either way, don’t you stress doc’… Don’t. You. Stress.

Totally is… 

Other than turning 28 again, the most blog-worthy thing to happen occurred yesterday. No, I’m not talking about the mess that was the Trumpadump v. HilzBillz debate. God help us all… I’m talking about the fact that someone in the office has been stapling TWO pieces of paper together and then proceeds to paperclip them too. Okay, whaaa? Either A) you love the sound of the stapler but have no faith in its ability to hold the 8.5×11’s together or, B) you know you’re retiring soon and want to torture the poor-sap (me) who has to archive the hoard you call your filing cabinets or, C) someone’s a little #OCD. I’m not bitter though, we all have to pay our dues. I just figured going to college would guarantee I wouldn’t ever have to remove paperclips and staples for a living. But then again, I guess this is just the beginning of the “best” part of my next 20 years!paperclips


One thought on “The Best Is (Totally) Yet To Come

  1. Jessica, I love ❤️ all your posts, you continue to amaze me with how and what you write. Keep them coming.

    I still have the food sensitivity packet out and ready to send, are you still having GI problems. Should I send it? Love, Grandma

    Sent from Catherine’s iPad


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