Once again, with feeling!

After nearly six years and some unexpected inspiration, I decided to see if I could start blogging again. I have no clue why I stopped posting in 2010. I’d like to say I was hired by a big NY Marketing Firm and started working 16 hour days and couldn’t fathom having to document my massively exuberant life; but I didn’t. After roughly 200 applications, I ended up settling for the first one to take the bait in San Diego and without going in to too much detail, I’m not at the job anymore…

Don’t you hate when people do that? “Long story short, I hated it.” or worse is when they say, “I will spare you the details, but it was hell.” All I want to do when people say that is say, “Whoa, whoa. No, no, no, stop right there!” That’s great, you’re okay now, and your life is grand and you got out… but let’s hear it Drama Llama. I want to know all about your micro-managing boss (check) or your colleague who flossed with the door open (check again), and the guy from upstairs that would send you ridiculously inappropriate emails after you’d run into him in the parking lot (he finally relocated). These are the stories that make life interesting. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish any ill-will on my loved ones and I want them to be happy but let’s be real, I can learn about that on Facebook. The nitty-gritty comes over coffee and wine, and if you’re really ready to spill; tequila. So keep that in mind when you’re ready to skip specifics, company loves misery (see what I did there?). Then, once you’ve unloaded the best part, post that you got a new job/raise/promotion on Facebook and I’ll be one of the 143 “friends” that like it.

*End rant*

Moving on, it goes without saying, a lot has happened since 2010 but in one sentence this is what you missed: I got a job at a university in southern California, I moved out (#winning), I turned 28 again, and oh yeah, I got married. And here we are. June 14, 2016. Happily married to a pretty hot Swede and living the dream. By living the dream I mean, we make food for the week on Sundays which lasts til about Tuesday and whatever lasts longer is eventually tossed out within 9-16 days after we find it in the back of the refrigerator. I’m sure you can relate. Bonus points for those who find it and know opening it would put your body at risk of dangerous mold spores so you make the executive decision to toss the entire container. Other than that, life is fairly simple. Work Monday – Friday, live healthy all week, drinks on Saturday, and again with the cooking on Sunday. Set the alarm, snooze, snooze, wake up, repeat.

I’m under-exaggerating of course. We do have tons of fun all of which I will share throughout the coming summer. But, for those of you who don’t remember life in your late 20’s, it’s an interesting period of time. You have friends that are in one of four positions:

  1. The ones who are still living at home and therefore have no bills and still think they are in college.
  2. The ones who have a Masters, a career (not just a job) and make more in one year than I’ve seen in my entire 28 years on earth.
  3. The ones who got married (way too) young, have two kids, one on the way, are in “sales” and look absolutely miserable.
  4. The ones who got married at an appropriate age and are wondering who the heck they are supposed to hang out with on Saturdays so they don’t have to drink alone. (this one’s not me…. just kidding, this ones me)


On that note, I don’t want to over commit myself to this blog thing. Short and sweet but come back for more! Spoiler alert, the next post will be about writing my own vows since it took me forever, they’re pretty dang good, and other than this short little snippet, they were the first piece of creative writing I’ve done since 2010.

28 and holding… the night before we got hitched!

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