Greetings from your friend, ME!

This weekend has been about as eventful as oh… the squashed rat I run by… you remember him… Steven. Yesterday I went shopping for a suit for my interviews, which should be stacking up right about now but have yet to be scheduled. Staying positive though! Isn’t there a saying that dress and act how you want to live and it will happen? Something like that. So I guess that means if I dress in my suit and walk around downtown someone will assume I need a job and invite me into my 11th floor office so I can start brainstorming all the ways to solve the world’s problems? I can hope right?

My biggest personal accomplishment of the weekend so far: I learned Excel yesterday! Woohoot! Thank heaven for YouTube and free tutorials! I learned how to make a spreadsheet, and some other interesting things but mainly, just enough to put it on my resume! Check that off the list! On to my next highlight of the weekend…

I did observe some interesting people at the Lakewood Mall yesterday. *Vent Alert* One of my biggest pet peeve’s are parents who allow their children to become overweight. I think it is the number one WORST parenting mishap of today’s society. It’s sad. It’s murder. It’s downright irresponsible and people who choose to reproduce and allow it to happen should be under social-services probation. As you can tell, I feel very strongly about it and when I passed a family of six (don’t even get me started on population control) I noticed that five out of those six were well over the recommended weight for their height and age. The only one that wasn’t overweight was the infant who hadn’t been alive enough days to consume the amount of calories her family was planning on feeding her. So there this family sat, happy as clams, eating Gelatto in front of Radio Shack.

Honey Boo Boo

After my eyes healed from the sight, I did happen to find two nice suit jackets and some necessities at Target, and developed a craving for a 69 cent Vanilla Cone from McDonald’s and enjoyed every frozen drop. See, the irony here is I just badmouthed this entire generation for consuming Gelatto but the step they are missing is the hour of outdoor activity doctors recommend to them on their annual checkup. With that said, I came home and blasted BPM (the best dance channel on XM Radio) for an hour and danced in my room. If you haven’t danced by yourself, do it. It’s therapeutic, it’s fun, and it’s excercise. Plus, you can look like an idiot or a stripper and no one will ever have to know about it! I lean toward the idiot side more but that’s what makes it so fun.

Today I woke up at 7 a.m. and went to breakfast with my Dad. I discovered that he was on an online dating sight before he met my stepmother and learned that women lie. This is a boring story that is going no where so that’s all I’ll say about that. We came home and he offered my $20 to take all these cardboard boxes to the alley way behind the house so the recycle-guy could pick them up. I would have done it for free considering I’m not 12, but since he offered before assuming I would just do it, I took the $20. Then, here comes the most productive part of my day, I installed a ceiling fan! Yes, me, this English major who has no engineering skills whatsoever, installed a mechanical houseware fixture and it works! Of course, I had help, but for the most part I put in the little remote control sensor thing and put on the blades and the little lamp shade things. My dad did the wiring and we had to take apart the “canopy” and the “mounting case” because I screwed them together backwards but it’s up and in business! I’ve been a little Homemaker-Worker today if I do say so myself. I also replaced some switch plates and its not even 2 p.m.

Tonight I am taking my Dad to Fuddrucker’s for an Ostrich burger and then we are going to see The Other Guys with Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg. Should be funny… I’ll write more if I have another reason to rant.


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