I’m having a food baby and George Foreman is the daddy.

Day 2 of Blogging Through Unemployment and nothing much has happened. I job hunted for nine hours yesterday and have never been in so much pain from sitting in my whole life! My eyes were burning, my ankles were swollen and my back was throbbing. Overall, it was pretty successful though. I found five jobs at Disney and one was an Admin. Assistant position in Glendale and get this… one of the requirements was to have a knowledge and understanding of cartoons! Can you believe it! I knew all that cartoon loving would pay off one day. There were also four Executive Assistant positions that are little much of a reach but at this point, I’ll try my hardest just to get out of living at my dad’s and being bored. To give you an idea of how creative (borderline-desperate) I’m getting, I emailed Sam the Cooking Guy and asked him if he needed an assistant. The email went something like this:

Hi Sam and Whomever Else Reads This –

My name is Jessica Jacobs, I grew up in Encinitas, I’m 24, and besides that, I know you’re busy so I will get to the point. I was wondering if you need an assistant? I just graduated from California State University of Long Beach and have been submitting resume after resume to these 9-5’er jobs with no luck. Like you, I have traveled to many countries around the world, 14 to be exact and don’t really have much of a desire to sit in an office for eight hours and make silly conversation with Susie-Co-Worker about how her husband needs to man-up or how her son is driving her nuts. Have I got off track a bit? Sorry, back to business… bottom line is, I enjoy your show, my mom and I have tried several of your recipes and we look for you when we hit up Henry’s in La Costa because rumor has it, you frequent that store! I am an okay cook (getting much better) and a not so great “chef”, but my tasting skills are on point! I am a hard worker, organized and I know how to mix sarcasm and professionalism to get the job done. I realize this is a long-shot but as you can see, I’m testing the waters and getting creative! So, let me know your thoughts, suggestions, or just a motivating “thanks but no thanks, good luck” response works too. I attached a resume in case you were curious about my background work experience.

Thanks for your time and consideration. I wish you the best of luck with your new book launch and let me know if you need anything else!

I highly doubt anything will come of it but it doesn’t hurt to try. Other than that, I went for a really good run and the same squashed rat is still on the corner of Del Mar Ave. and whatever road is next to it at the park. I’m beyond the point of boredom so I named him Steven. Well, he would have been Steven before someone ran him over. To highlight the title of this blog, I pulled out the good ol’ George Foreman Grill and have made pretty much every other meal on it. I have made chicken tacos, fish-nugget tacos, and probably more fish-nugget tacos today unless something exciting comes up, but I highly doubt it.

I started and finished laundry last night, cleaned out my workout drawer and have a whole bag to donate and throw away! My one good deed for the day. I opened up my new Oral-B toothbrush and that was pretty eventful. I can’t believe that biggest event of my day involves a toothbrush and George Foreman. I need a job. I may go to Kohl’s today and look for boots but since I have no where to wear them, it’s kind of pointless. Maybe I’ll buy more toothpaste! Yeah, that’s my plan, toothpaste and maybe clean the bathroom. Woohoot.

Maybe I should start bringing in other characters to this thing. I talked to my mom yesterday, actually, we BBM’d. Life is so impersonal these days, I think I could go weeks without actually talking to someone and still know everything about their life just from Facebook and text messaging. Sad. Anyways, My mom is amazing. She’s one of those people that once they pass away the one thing you’ll miss the most is their laugh. Cheesy, but true. She is golfing three times this weekend which in all reality would be the last way I would want to spend a weekend after working a 60 hour week, but whatever floats your boat I guess. Christine is my best friend and she is going to a country concert, I wasn’t really invited but even if I was I probably would have said no.

The View just came on and it’s time to change the channel. I will catch you up after the weekend and let you know if anything life-changing happens. Hopefully I get a phone call today from Disney saying we want you, we need you, oh baby oh baby! Or Sam, maybe Sam will give me a call! Fingers Crossed.


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